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Have you thought about becoming a mystery shopper?

Do you fit the bill?

We offer an outstanding service to all our clients, and to achieve this we need exceptional people. Our mystery shoppers are reliable, confident and observant. They have good written English skills, an eye for detail, are able to accurately record information – and always endeavour to meet deadlines.

Our shoppers have access to the internet and e-mail, and are able to use Microsoft Word and Excel. Video mystery shoppers have their own covert recording equipment and are proficient at using it.

Think you fit the bill? If you are resident in the UK or Eire, have a mobile phone and are willing to travel, then register your interest! Please note by registering, your details will be securely held on our database. If a suitable assignment is found for you, we will contact you. Please do not call our offices.

What is it and how does it work?

Businesses use mystery shoppers to tell them whether their product or service is up to scratch. Mystery shoppers can help with almost any part of a customer’s experience.

As a mystery shopper you'll be asked to pose as a regular customer and evaluate things like staff product knowledge, how clean the premises are, and how long you had to wait before being served. You'll then record all your findings and present them to us.

We'll use this information to inform the management of areas that need improvement, but also where they're going right. Mystery shopping programmes help companies to enhance their customer service, increase sales, improve the loyalty of existing customers - and attract new ones!

Did you know

The great thing about becoming a mystery shopper is that it's flexible work that can be fitted around your other commitments. You decide which jobs to take and which locations to work in.  Registration is free, we are not associated with any mystery shopper recruitment agency.

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