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How this website attempts to address the issue of accessibility and other design considerations.

The web is used by many millions of people. There are a range of obstacles some of them face in life, including colour blindness, poor eyesight, complete blindness and impaired motor functions. While these are only a few examples, and there are many others, it is easy to realise that such difficulties affect how these people experience the internet.

Accessibility in terms of the World Wide Web means accommodating for all users, attempting to ensure that everyone can get the most out of a website that they are able. No one should be restricted by poor design.

Accessibility is not just for the disabled; an accessible site makes navigation, information dissemination, and general use as easy and intuative as possible, for everyone.

This website attempts to be as complete and easy to use as possible for all groups of people using all types of equipment. It has been tested against the WAI guidelines and achieves a minimum of level two compliance out of a possible three levels. While no website can offer perfect access for everyone, and no set of automated tests can provide meaningful benchmarks for all scenarios, I have designed this site with accessibility in mind.

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